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Support School Board Candidates! – No Contact Event

Compass Park 2500 NW Crossing Dr, Bend, OR, United States

Please join us to support Bend-La Pine School Board candidates, Marcus LeGrand, Janet Sarai Llerandi, Carrie Douglass and Shirley Olson. We will be asking volunteers to pitch in for a volunteer shift (estimated 1 hour) to leave campaign materials to potential voters. This is a no knock and no talk volunteer opportunity to help promote […]

Door to Door (no contact)

Hollinshead Park 1235 NE Jones Rd, Bend, OR, United States

Thank you for volunteering on behalf of Marcus LeGrand, Janet Sarai Llerandi, Shirley Olson and Carrie Douglass for Bend-La Pine School Board. We are asking you to take flyers of our candidates to voters. Materials will be provided, this is a no talk, no contact event, where you will leave flyers on doors. Our goal […]