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Citizens’ Climate Lobby

The Bend chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby has been active since 2013.  Our job is to help move the U.S. economy off of fossil fuels as quickly as possible.  We are part of a national organization that has over 360 other chapters across the U.S. (and some international ones as well) working on the same goal.  We have a policy we are supporting at the federal level that is called “Carbon Fee and Dividend.”  It involves putting a price on fossil fuels sold by energy companies, returning the funds collected to households to cover increased costs, and providing border adjustments for businesses that may be affected by the application of the fee. This market-friendly policy is attracting support across the political spectrum and can be the bipartisan action needed to pass effective climate action in this country.

Our work includes lobbying our federal elected Congressmen (and women if we had any), local education about climate change and the “carbon fee and dividend” solution, and media outreach to spread the word about action that will work. We meet monthly, on the second Wednesday from 4-6pm at The Environmental Center in Bend.  We invite anyone interested to come check us out or send an email for further information.