Your guide to Central Oregon's progressive community and events

The calendar’s month view

You can now add the Deschutes Grassroots community calendar to your own website!

The widget is customizable and requires (almost) no coding knowledge. Here’s how to get the calendar working for your organization:


Place the code on your website

Copy the code below and paste it into one of your webpages.

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="1000"></iframe>

A blank webpage dedicated to events works best. The calendar is responsive, meaning it will change size to fit on a phone screen, large monitor, or anything in between.

If you’re using a web platform like WordPress or Weebly, make sure to switch to HTML/text editing mode before pasting the code, otherwise you’ll just see the code on your page and not the calendar!

You can play with the width and height to get it to look how you like. Keep in mind, though, that the height will be variable – more events in a given month will make the calendar slightly taller. Don’t worry, the calendar will scroll easily within the iframe on your page, however many events there are!


Customize which events are displayed

Want to show only your own organization’s events? Or maybe just the events in a category that is relevant to you? It’s pretty easy!

Go to the main calendar here: (click to open in a new tab)

Use the filter to select just what you want to show: your favorite organizers or categories or places. Keep in mind the those choices might not have any events right now.

Once you’ve selected the combination you like, go to the address bar in your browser and copy the question mark and everything after it. It’ll look something like the highlighted part here:

Now add that to the end of the URL in the code we copied earlier, like this:

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="1000"></iframe>

With that, the calendar embedded on your website will display only the selections you’ve chosen!

One important thing to consider with custom views

If you choose to display only specific organizers or venues, your calendar will show only those. If new organizers and venues are added which may be relevant to you, they will not display unless you go through the customization process again. Choosing category, like “environment,” might be a bit more future-proof in that new, relevant organizations could be added to the category without any action by you.