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Virtual Virtual Event
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Joint Meeting: Bend City Council & Deschutes County Commission

September 2, 2021 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Virtual Virtual Event

Zoom link is inside the PDF agenda here.


MEETING FORMAT: In response to the COVID-19 public health emergency, Oregon Governor Kate
Brown issued Executive Order 20-16 (later enacted as part of HB 4212) directing government
entities to utilize virtual meetings whenever possible and to take necessary measures to facilitate
public participation in these virtual meetings. Since May 4, 2020, meetings and hearings of the
Deschutes County Board of Commissioners have been conducted primarily in a virtual format.

ATTENDANCE/PARTICIPATION options include: The meeting will be held through the Virtual
Platform Zoom through the link posted above. Members of the public may watch the Live
Stream Video in real time via the Public Meeting Portal at

Zoom Meeting Information: Staff that are presenting agenda items may participate via Zoom
meeting. The Zoom meeting id and password is posted above. Upon entering the Zoom meeting,
you will automatically be placed on hold and in the waiting room as an attendee. Once you are
ready to present your agenda item, you will be promoted to a panelist for your
presentation. Panelists will have the opportunity to Share their screen for presentations.


September 2, 2021 Joint Meeting CITY OF BEND & DESCHUTES COUNTY 2 of 2

1. Housing & Homelessness Updates (20 minutes)
– Upcoming Projects and Programs
– Outline of Existing Joint Projects

2. Housing & Homelessness Strategies (80 minutes)
– Emergency Homelessness Task Force
– City and County ARPA Allocation
– Future Joint Projects and Strategy

3. Other Topics (20 minutes)
– Coordinated Transportation Plans and Projects
– 9/30 Traffic Safety Summit
– Stabilization Center
– COVID Updates

OTHER ITEMS: These can be any items not included on the agenda that the Commissioners
wish to discuss as part of the meeting, pursuant to ORS 192.640.